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Poster for casting

I made this poster which we put up in few crowded places in Stanmore such as Sainsbury,Metro station , high street in order to find artists for our video. I decided to keep it simple as I know people  won’t read  detailed posters with a lot of writing and also I didn’t want to spend too much time on this. I chose to write “wanted” in RED as I have previously read that red is the colour that the eye notices first so I decided to draw my audience in with this colour.(and i also like this colour)prof


Casting the artists

When deciding who to pick for our music video there are some things we need to take into consideration.

– Do they look right for the part?
– Do they have basic dance skills? (for females)
– Will they commit to the times and dates?
– Will they be comfortable to do the acting effectively to correctly convey our intention?

We need a male and female artist to act like they are in love and to make us belive in their love story. To find our artists we have put up posters around our college and also sent emails to the tutors in the college to read out to their class in tutorial. When we receive a sufficient amount of responses we will review this and decide who we will use for our video. I also consider myself female in the music video however that would be difficult to film my own vision thorugh someone`s else eyes.