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Filming progress

Day 1 filming

Today was the first day we filmed.The artists are wearing normal clothes but they still follow the trends to appeal to the younger audience.The female artist is wearing bold make-up and a popular hairstyle where as the male artist is covering his head with a dark hoodie to appear mysterios


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Photoshoot Digipak(First Try)

My initial idea for the front cover of the digipak was inspired from Rihanna`s videoWe found love.However we didn`t have a projector and I had to edit the picture to add this effect. It was quite difficult to position the tripod and get the perfect shot as we had to use timer because we didn`t have a camera person so I wasn`t very content with the framing( the male artist`s head is cropped).Also my right middle finger is not positioned well as the message isn`t visibile as on the left finger.Through the use of body language I wanted to express the need of privacy.



Unsuccesful shots


Final outcome after editing


Another idea of editing and posing


Before editingDSC_0091.JPG

However I decided not to use any of these shots as I felt I can do better than this.I decided to use the college studio and I think this will benefit me greatly as it will look more profesional(almost all digipak front cover photos are shoot in the studio) .Another reason why I didnt use this shoots is because the male artist is of almost equal importance as the female artist I felt  like I have to promote him more as the purpose of a digipak is to promote the artist and his/her  music.

First cut

This is my first cut.I have included various different shots, angles, scenes, lighting, actors/actresses and editing techniques. Upon creating this video I have asked for general feedback from my media teacher. The teacher I asked had a few changes and improvements that I could have made. One of the changes was to take another look at the shots that I’ve used and think about how many times I have used them as some shots seem to be repeated. I agreed with this, and have since been looking of ways I could improve the error. The teacher also thought that the shot I used at the very beginning could have been held slightly longer so in my second cut I will change that.He thought I could improve my editing skills so I can manage to blend each shot together in a more successful way. The overall feeling he got from viewing my video was that the video successfully showed an easy to understand narrative, various different shots, good use of skills to match the beat with the order of shots, an average performance from the actors/actresses and overall a good quality of filming. I was happy with my feedback and I have been working today on improving and tweaking necessary parts of the product. I hope to have the finished product by January

Inspirational digipak

The digipak that inspires me the most from what I researched so far is Rihanna`s album Rihanna-good girl gone bad.This is one of the digipak that inspires me because I think it has covered the generic conventions of a pop digipak and it has targeted the audience they are aiming for which is what I want to accomplish in mine.


The use of simple,white background and mid shot makes Rihanna stands out even though red text is placed over her . I like how they have used red,white and black as their colour scheme and I will be using aproximately the same colours,predominantly mono-tones and reds . Also the title is “Good girl gone bad” which matches the minimalist colours they have used as their colour scheme(white-pure=the good girl,black-dark=the new bad girl she become). The female looking straight towards the camera portrays that she is directing to the audience and it makes you buy the CD. Rihanna stares directly at the camera also implies that she is mainly aiming to the male audience as she looks seductive and shows her body figure in a bodycon dress which would attract the audience’s eyes. 12674713_482427105277210_638468658_oThe inside panel has got a booklet that contains track list  lyrics and some photos of the female artist which is what we would expect to see in a digipak. I like how they have got different poses of her inside the booklet which keeps the audience interested while they are reading thought the lyrics. I like how they have used white/red and simple font styles because it helps the audience to read the texts inside it. The bright yellow-orange colours grabs the audience’s eyes and also it stays in their mind even though they are looking at different ones.12421934_482427051943882_127050795_o

The back cover looks common we normally expect to see a close shot of the artist or band members. This creates a conexion with the audience as they see her face and features in detail and she is looking straight at the camera. Or maybe they want the audience to focus on the inside(feelings) rather than outside(body) . I like how they have placed the bar code at the bottom,opposite of the eye that isn`t covered showing that looking into the audience s eyes through the picture was important  . All the company logo and copyright information are really small at the bottom of the page because they are not that important.
After looking through this digipak, it gives me some ideas on what we could have on our digipak as they have portrayed and used generic conventions of pop genre. For example, it would help us where and how we would place the female artist on our digipak. And how we are going to represent our female artist or what clothes would she needs to be wearing? I found out that we could use bright colours and a close up shot of the female artist as this would attract our target audience. The use of simple fonts and different font styles keeps the digipak interesting which is the type of font we could possibly use for our digipak.

My initial ideas-video


My initial idea was to make a pop music video with another male artist who was a freelancer but had some experience in the field.He would sing and also do break dance and parkour in my music video.

Here are some shots of what we filmed:



However, we encountered some difficulties as the artist wasn`t able to manage his time so we can meet the deadline and I was already behind because of his schedule, I decided to discontinue the collaboration.This decision pressured me to find another artist in a very short time therefore my artist ended up being me as I couldn’t count on anyone else .

Ideas and chosen song

Ideas & Chosen Song

These are the music videos that we have been researching based on ‘Pop’ genre:
After researching on different songs of Pop music, we ended up with two songs which are called ‘Nobody`s bussines ‘ by Rihanna and ‘Bad Blood’by Taylor Swift. They  last about 3.50 minutes long. Both of these songs are  very popular which means that it is  competition for me with other people who want to make a new unique music video,however ”Nobody`s bussines” doesnt have a music video. It will be easier for me to complete my music video on time because the songs are not that long and we can cut some of the parts.Conclusion:

In the end, I decided to do ‘Nobody`s bussines’ song because the tempo is upbeat which is what everyone likes. The song lasts about three minutes and 56 seconds I am planning to cut the end bit off of to make it shorter and it would be easier for me to complete the whole video on time. Moreover, it would be easier for me to do this song because we already have some ideas in our minds that we might include for my project.