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Editing decisions

Captură de ecran din 2016.03.22 la 19.37.45I added B&W effect to represent the emotions of the female artist which are sadness and anxiety. I did this by using video effects.Captură de ecran din 2016.03.22 la 19.40.48Captură de ecran din 2016.03.22 la 19.40.57I added an transition effect from B&W to colour to create a relationship between lyrics and visual as the lyrics were ”But then you remember you have a reason” which show a change of mood from sadness to happiness.Captură de ecran din 2016.03.22 la 19.41.14I used the non-additive dissolve transition to make the cut appear more gentile and also because it gives a cool effect of overlaying images.Captură de ecran din 2016.03.22 la 19.41.40I used deep to white transition to show some kind of memory of how the female artist’s life is in presence of her love compared to how she was at the beginning.  I used a fading effect to emphasis the idea above.Captură de ecran din 2016.03.22 la 19.42.21I used B&W effect and low exposure as I think it looks good with the leather outfit and the tree branches from behind and also reflects her rebel attitude towards the paparazzi.Captură de ecran din 2016.03.22 la 19.42.51I used the slow motion effect to go with the flow of the song.Captură de ecran din 2016.03.22 la 19.43.53I used replicate effect to clone the artists faces. I used this effect because i thought it will look good (I’m not sure about it anymore).Captură de ecran din 2016.03.22 la 19.44.09I copied the video,then reduced opacity, change the position and finaly change the blend mode to screen in order to create a ghost effect in colour.Captură de ecran din 2016.03.22 la 19.44.55.pngFor the end of the video i used a fading into black in the right part of the screen where the artists are positioned as i saw this effect being used in many other pop music videos.