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CD cover research


Today I went to HMV and had a look at some previous pop albums and other genre albums  in order to gain a better understanding when I create my own digipak.Based on what I have seen I decided to produce something different in terms of placing the artists on the cover which means I am going to place Diana,the female artist on the front cover,to look like she`s trying to reach her lover`s hand which will be on the back cover who will also stretching to reach hers. This is an original idea which I haven’t seen on any CD covers until now.imageimage



Digipak Conventions

Before designing the digipak, we wanted to look at the common conventions in dance pop digipaks. This would perhaps give a clearer idea as to what is usually seen to interest the audience. What was found was that different artists all had different styles making it more so personal to the artist and audience. Although,by analyzing 2 digipaks of the same genre I have seen the following convetions:

On the front cover:

  • Plain Background to emphasise the artist
  • Different fonts used
  • Close-up/Mid shot of the artist
  • Features the artistmadona


On the back cover:

  • List of all the songs
  • Bar code,copyright information and record company logo
  • Image takes up roughly half of the back
  • Follows the colour scheme



Advertising my product

Where am I going to advertise my product?

I have nearly completed my music video and I have to start thinking where I could advertise my music video, digipak and poster. I thought that it would be good to advertise it where teenagers would normally spend their spare time.

These are the industries that I thought of advertising my products:
  • Viva, 4 Music

Viva and 4Music are the most popular channels where teenagers would normally watch and listen music videos. They are mainly playing pop music which is the same genre that I have chosen to do.I thought that I should advertise our music video in their company because I am aiming at the same audience. Young adults also like to watch music channels but also like to watch the soaps on an evening, so the best place to advertise on the TV to target all our target audience would be on music channels. It would be ideal to advertise it after school as well so the teenagers that goes to school would be able to watch and see how it looks like.

  • Heat, OK

These are the industries through which  I am going to advertise my digipak. After the research I did for our target audience, I found out that this are the magazines on what my target audience wants to read and buy. Heat magazine is also the company that made a compliments about the same types of videos as my music video which implies that the audience would buy it. Also they tend to be more sociable people who enjoying keeping up to date with fashion trends and the latest music out.

  • Twitter & Facebook

I thought that I should advertise our magazine advert on social networking sites such a Facebook and Twitter because this is how teenagers spend more of their time. They are more socialable people they liked keeping up to date and talking to their friends all the time. It is going to be placed on the side of the page so they would be able to see it. I also want to have animated banner of our music video so it grabs the audiences attention. Also teenagers are more active nowadays so it would be beneficial if we would do it as well.

Editing digipak cover-the process

Initial imagessddasxs (2)

We have used InDesign while creating our digipak because we want to delete some parts of the photo that we don’t want to include. These are the tools we have used while editing photos:
  • We have created a new layer and used magic wand tool to select the parts that we want to cut off.
  • We also used polygonal tool as we want to make sure that the edges are straight so it makes the photo look tidy.

print screens_Page_1I created the title by overlaying the same 2 fonts but in diffeent colour.

I have used contrast to make the colours on the photos vibrant and colourful so the audience won’t get bored of looking at it.

I change the colour of the background in white as I think it creates more contrast and makes the artists stand out more.

The black and red colours of the fonts and the dark clothes of the artists contrasts with the white background.
I placed the names of the artistsin the middle to reinforce their brand identity and make thir names easy to see and memorise for the target audience.

print screens_Page_2


Inspirational digipak

The digipak that inspires me the most from what I researched so far is Rihanna`s album Rihanna-good girl gone bad.This is one of the digipak that inspires me because I think it has covered the generic conventions of a pop digipak and it has targeted the audience they are aiming for which is what I want to accomplish in mine.


The use of simple,white background and mid shot makes Rihanna stands out even though red text is placed over her . I like how they have used red,white and black as their colour scheme and I will be using aproximately the same colours,predominantly mono-tones and reds . Also the title is “Good girl gone bad” which matches the minimalist colours they have used as their colour scheme(white-pure=the good girl,black-dark=the new bad girl she become). The female looking straight towards the camera portrays that she is directing to the audience and it makes you buy the CD. Rihanna stares directly at the camera also implies that she is mainly aiming to the male audience as she looks seductive and shows her body figure in a bodycon dress which would attract the audience’s eyes. 12674713_482427105277210_638468658_oThe inside panel has got a booklet that contains track list  lyrics and some photos of the female artist which is what we would expect to see in a digipak. I like how they have got different poses of her inside the booklet which keeps the audience interested while they are reading thought the lyrics. I like how they have used white/red and simple font styles because it helps the audience to read the texts inside it. The bright yellow-orange colours grabs the audience’s eyes and also it stays in their mind even though they are looking at different ones.12421934_482427051943882_127050795_o

The back cover looks common we normally expect to see a close shot of the artist or band members. This creates a conexion with the audience as they see her face and features in detail and she is looking straight at the camera. Or maybe they want the audience to focus on the inside(feelings) rather than outside(body) . I like how they have placed the bar code at the bottom,opposite of the eye that isn`t covered showing that looking into the audience s eyes through the picture was important  . All the company logo and copyright information are really small at the bottom of the page because they are not that important.
After looking through this digipak, it gives me some ideas on what we could have on our digipak as they have portrayed and used generic conventions of pop genre. For example, it would help us where and how we would place the female artist on our digipak. And how we are going to represent our female artist or what clothes would she needs to be wearing? I found out that we could use bright colours and a close up shot of the female artist as this would attract our target audience. The use of simple fonts and different font styles keeps the digipak interesting which is the type of font we could possibly use for our digipak.

Ex student advert analysis

I have chosen to analyse this magazine advert from one of the ex student I seen on study space. This will give me help me on what we could and could not include on our music advert. 
The use of the same image, simple fonts, red and black colour from their digipak are effective as it makes it easier for us to identify what the poster is about. Their main colour scheme is red and black; this is evident through the colour of the fonts they have used, the logo and the stars at the top left corner. It also implies that she is targeting at goth and emo people because these are the colours that we stereotypically see on them. The use of red as their colour scheme grabs the audience’s attention. It also connotes as danger, blood or romance which reflects to the theme on their music video. The use of framing the artist on the wood makes the audience feel that she is in prison and she can’t get out of the lonely place.  I like how they used the lighting on the main artist because it makes you focus at her and also it creates the black edges which makes you feel the situation she is in. Black also portrays how the female artist’s life is dull and it links back to the album title “My Happy Ending”. The use of high angle siginifies that she is asking for someone to help her on how to get out of the dim place. The use of ratings from one of the well known music magazines in UK and one of the quotes is really good as it causes the audience to buy their product. The font they have used within the magazine advert is simple which lets the audience to read the texts easily. They have used capital letters on the album title, artists’ name and the release date which makes it stands out from any other texts and these are the important things that the audience wants to know. The website placed at the bottom right corner on the page and the use of red makes the texts makes it easier to see what they have written on it. They have placed the logo at the bottom left corner because it is not that important but it is also what we normally see in a magazine advert.
Overall, I like how they have composed their magazine advert as it stands out and it reminds you from the music video and their digipak. The use of rope on the wood and around the artist neck is very effective because it establishes the type of character she is. They also picked the right colours as it matches the theme and genre of their magazine advert.
What i dont like is the quality and over exposure (burned space) on the imagies.I also feel like they could`ve used another image for the advert as it isn`t a clear distinction between those two.