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Final product-audience feedback

Audience response is a type of interaction associated with the use of audience responsesystems, to create interactivity between a presenter and his/her audience.

Audience feedback is important in order to crtitically analyse your product and to see if what you created was succesful among your target audience or not.

To gather reviews,comments and opinions I used all the social media platforms I have acces to. I upload my video on youtube and allowed youtubers to comment on the comment section also I monitored the likes/dislikes and views , I shared my video and anciliary products on my Facebook page and also send it in private message to some people that fit my target audience asking their opinion about my product.I posted the video on my A2 media blog as well as on my private page.

And last but not least I asked 10 students from Stanmore College to participate in a focus groupand tell me what they think about my products.

I received positive and negative comments. With 7 out of 10 answering “yes” to the question “Would you purchase this digipack/watch the video/go to the concert?”  I was pleased that my target audience likes my products and I could say they were succesful.

The final questionnaire



1.How old are you?

15-17      18-21     22-25     26-28      28+

2.What gender are you?

  1. a) Male b) Female

3.What is your occupation ?

  1. a) Student b)Full-time job c)Part-time job    d)Unemployed

3.What genre of music do you listen to the most?

a)Pop        b)Hip-hop    c) RnB    d) Rock    e)Classic    f) Other

4.What typical features do you expect to see in a pop music video ? (up to 3 choices)

a)Fashionable clothes,stylish artist        b)Love/ relationship theme related

c)vibrant,bright colours                           e)Young beauty faces

d)Dancing pop group on background   f)A popular location/party ambiance

g)Highly sexualised male/women(revealing clothes,seductive moves)

5.What type of music video do you prefer?

  1. a) Narrative based b)Performance based          c)Abstract        d)Combination of any 2 (please name)

6.Where do you usually go to view music videos?

  1. a) TV programme b)YouTube c)iTunes     d)I dont watch music videos

7.What to do you think is the most important when you listen to music?

  1. a) lyrics b)video  c)both             d)other ..……write…here………….
  2. In your opinion, what makes a music video interesting?

Questionnaire *Draft*

In order for any media product to successfully attract their demographic, one must first research and find out what exactly appeal to their demographic. So for me to produce a successful music video I must conduct and use a questionnaire which will ask my demographics their expectation and requirements of a Pop music video.I will be creating my questionnaire in Google Docs and send it my email I have listed the question that I think I will be asking my participants below:12202041_441669886019599_142170668_n12207966_441669869352934_162192098_n12212478_441669872686267_407897040_n (1)12202041_441669886019599_142170668_n12200609_441671542686100_561569486_n


YouTube use of advertisement

Previously in class, we were watching and analysing music videos in particular Michael Jackson-Thriller which is a Pop music video. Whilst doing so I noticed that the uses of adverts used by YouTube are reflective of the type of demographics aimed for in that particular video. At the beginning of the video there was a brief 20 seconds advert for Kendrick Lamar`s new album ‘To pimp a butterfly’popped up, but when we were watching a Katy Perry- Dark Horse, an advert for make up products appeared before the music video begun. This use of advertisement got me thinking of the type of demographic for my music video and their likes/dislikes and other interests but most importantly the significance of addressing one’s demographic correctly.