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Final product-audience feedback

Audience response is a type of interaction associated with the use of audience responsesystems, to create interactivity between a presenter and his/her audience.

Audience feedback is important in order to crtitically analyse your product and to see if what you created was succesful among your target audience or not.

To gather reviews,comments and opinions I used all the social media platforms I have acces to. I upload my video on youtube and allowed youtubers to comment on the comment section also I monitored the likes/dislikes and views , I shared my video and anciliary products on my Facebook page and also send it in private message to some people that fit my target audience asking their opinion about my product.I posted the video on my A2 media blog as well as on my private page.

And last but not least I asked 10 students from Stanmore College to participate in a focus groupand tell me what they think about my products.

I received positive and negative comments. With 7 out of 10 answering “yes” to the question “Would you purchase this digipack/watch the video/go to the concert?”  I was pleased that my target audience likes my products and I could say they were succesful.

Editing decisions

Captură de ecran din 2016.03.22 la 19.37.45I added B&W effect to represent the emotions of the female artist which are sadness and anxiety. I did this by using video effects.Captură de ecran din 2016.03.22 la 19.40.48Captură de ecran din 2016.03.22 la 19.40.57I added an transition effect from B&W to colour to create a relationship between lyrics and visual as the lyrics were ”But then you remember you have a reason” which show a change of mood from sadness to happiness.Captură de ecran din 2016.03.22 la 19.41.14I used the non-additive dissolve transition to make the cut appear more gentile and also because it gives a cool effect of overlaying images.Captură de ecran din 2016.03.22 la 19.41.40I used deep to white transition to show some kind of memory of how the female artist’s life is in presence of her love compared to how she was at the beginning.  I used a fading effect to emphasis the idea above.Captură de ecran din 2016.03.22 la 19.42.21I used B&W effect and low exposure as I think it looks good with the leather outfit and the tree branches from behind and also reflects her rebel attitude towards the paparazzi.Captură de ecran din 2016.03.22 la 19.42.51I used the slow motion effect to go with the flow of the song.Captură de ecran din 2016.03.22 la 19.43.53I used replicate effect to clone the artists faces. I used this effect because i thought it will look good (I’m not sure about it anymore).Captură de ecran din 2016.03.22 la 19.44.09I copied the video,then reduced opacity, change the position and finaly change the blend mode to screen in order to create a ghost effect in colour.Captură de ecran din 2016.03.22 la 19.44.55.pngFor the end of the video i used a fading into black in the right part of the screen where the artists are positioned as i saw this effect being used in many other pop music videos.

Filming progress

Day 1 filming

Today was the first day we filmed.The artists are wearing normal clothes but they still follow the trends to appeal to the younger audience.The female artist is wearing bold make-up and a popular hairstyle where as the male artist is covering his head with a dark hoodie to appear mysterios


Day 2 filmingv bfvvv vbcx v vffdvfvedgrttyrrvvftrtt

Job roles

Job Roles

Research: Job Roles in Music Video


A producer is someone who manages the production from start to finish.  They have the full control on every aspect of the production bringing together the screenwriters, director, cast, finances and production team.


The director is the driving creative force in a music video’s production, and acts as the crucial link between the production, technical and creative teams. They are assisted by assistant directors who ensure that the director’s ambitions and achieved.

Camera Operator

The camera operator or cameraman is a professional operator of a film or video camera. They are responsible for physically operating the camera and maintaining composition and camera angles throughout a given scene or shot.

Video Editor

The video editor is responsible for assembling recorded raw material into a finished product that’s suitable for broadcasting. The material may include camera footage, dialogue, sound effects, graphics and special effects. This is a key role in the post-production process and your skills can determine the quality and delivery of the final product.

Job Roles in our Music Video

I will fulfill all the tasks as I work by myself which is going to be quite difficult as I can`t explain to the tripod my vision and how I would like to film.It is also time consuming but an advantage will be that I will get an insight of all the roles and their requirements rather than focusing on something I am already good at.Another advantage is that I don`t have a big team to coordinate and I can`t say that because they didn`t do their job I am behind.

The producer in our music video is me and  because I am  good at coordinating, supervising and controlling matters.  I think I am good for the job and I will make sure that everything runs smoothly. I are good at making ideas and share each others opinion.

Camera Operator
I am going to be the camera operator because I know a lot about all the camera shots and techniques that we have been taught. I think I am responsible well enough for all aspects of camera operation, like to focus on lighting and overall visual style. I can ensure that the camera and equipments are prepared for the required set–ups, I always keeping alert for any last–minute changes. I can multi–task, and to watch, listen and think on my feet while carrying out complex technical tasks. I can suggest some improvements or alternatives.

The director in our music video is going to be me because I am well organised, sensible, good memory and knows storyboarding well. I tell the actors what to do, ensures the sets are right, establishes the camera angles, controls the lighting and has a say in the editing. I am in total control outside administration things as well.

Video editor 

I will be editing the video because I`m very perfectionist and I like everything to have continuity.I am also capable of seeing my mistakes which make me able to edit those out and improve my project before it`s too late.

CD cover research


Today I went to HMV and had a look at some previous pop albums and other genre albums  in order to gain a better understanding when I create my own digipak.Based on what I have seen I decided to produce something different in terms of placing the artists on the cover which means I am going to place Diana,the female artist on the front cover,to look like she`s trying to reach her lover`s hand which will be on the back cover who will also stretching to reach hers. This is an original idea which I haven’t seen on any CD covers until now.imageimage