Photoshoot Digipak(First Try)

My initial idea for the front cover of the digipak was inspired from Rihanna`s videoWe found love.However we didn`t have a projector and I had to edit the picture to add this effect. It was quite difficult to position the tripod and get the perfect shot as we had to use timer because we didn`t have a camera person so I wasn`t very content with the framing( the male artist`s head is cropped).Also my right middle finger is not positioned well as the message isn`t visibile as on the left finger.Through the use of body language I wanted to express the need of privacy.



Unsuccesful shots


Final outcome after editing


Another idea of editing and posing


Before editingDSC_0091.JPG

However I decided not to use any of these shots as I felt I can do better than this.I decided to use the college studio and I think this will benefit me greatly as it will look more profesional(almost all digipak front cover photos are shoot in the studio) .Another reason why I didnt use this shoots is because the male artist is of almost equal importance as the female artist I felt  like I have to promote him more as the purpose of a digipak is to promote the artist and his/her  music.

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