First cut

This is my first cut.I have included various different shots, angles, scenes, lighting, actors/actresses and editing techniques. Upon creating this video I have asked for general feedback from my media teacher. The teacher I asked had a few changes and improvements that I could have made. One of the changes was to take another look at the shots that I’ve used and think about how many times I have used them as some shots seem to be repeated. I agreed with this, and have since been looking of ways I could improve the error. The teacher also thought that the shot I used at the very beginning could have been held slightly longer so in my second cut I will change that.He thought I could improve my editing skills so I can manage to blend each shot together in a more successful way. The overall feeling he got from viewing my video was that the video successfully showed an easy to understand narrative, various different shots, good use of skills to match the beat with the order of shots, an average performance from the actors/actresses and overall a good quality of filming. I was happy with my feedback and I have been working today on improving and tweaking necessary parts of the product. I hope to have the finished product by January

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