Advertising my product

Where am I going to advertise my product?

I have nearly completed my music video and I have to start thinking where I could advertise my music video, digipak and poster. I thought that it would be good to advertise it where teenagers would normally spend their spare time.

These are the industries that I thought of advertising my products:
  • Viva, 4 Music

Viva and 4Music are the most popular channels where teenagers would normally watch and listen music videos. They are mainly playing pop music which is the same genre that I have chosen to do.I thought that I should advertise our music video in their company because I am aiming at the same audience. Young adults also like to watch music channels but also like to watch the soaps on an evening, so the best place to advertise on the TV to target all our target audience would be on music channels. It would be ideal to advertise it after school as well so the teenagers that goes to school would be able to watch and see how it looks like.

  • Heat, OK

These are the industries through which  I am going to advertise my digipak. After the research I did for our target audience, I found out that this are the magazines on what my target audience wants to read and buy. Heat magazine is also the company that made a compliments about the same types of videos as my music video which implies that the audience would buy it. Also they tend to be more sociable people who enjoying keeping up to date with fashion trends and the latest music out.

  • Twitter & Facebook

I thought that I should advertise our magazine advert on social networking sites such a Facebook and Twitter because this is how teenagers spend more of their time. They are more socialable people they liked keeping up to date and talking to their friends all the time. It is going to be placed on the side of the page so they would be able to see it. I also want to have animated banner of our music video so it grabs the audiences attention. Also teenagers are more active nowadays so it would be beneficial if we would do it as well.

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