Editing digipak cover-the process

Initial imagessddasxs (2)

We have used InDesign while creating our digipak because we want to delete some parts of the photo that we don’t want to include. These are the tools we have used while editing photos:
  • We have created a new layer and used magic wand tool to select the parts that we want to cut off.
  • We also used polygonal tool as we want to make sure that the edges are straight so it makes the photo look tidy.

print screens_Page_1I created the title by overlaying the same 2 fonts but in diffeent colour.

I have used contrast to make the colours on the photos vibrant and colourful so the audience won’t get bored of looking at it.

I change the colour of the background in white as I think it creates more contrast and makes the artists stand out more.

The black and red colours of the fonts and the dark clothes of the artists contrasts with the white background.
I placed the names of the artistsin the middle to reinforce their brand identity and make thir names easy to see and memorise for the target audience.

print screens_Page_2


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