Editing process

Today I have transferred some clips that I filmed for the past few weeks and finished off my storyboards. I used usb cable to connect the camcorder onto the hard drive so the video clips are being transferred. It took us a few minutes to transfer all the clips because it is mpeg file which is bigger than jpeg file and that is why it took a while to transfer it. Once it has finished transferring all the files, I had to create a folder so I can save it in there and  know where the files are located. I then used Adobe PremierePro software to put the short clips and make it as a whole video. This software has got different features that I wanted to use for our music video. For example, I wanted to use fades and dissolves on some clips and it is available on the software. This is the first time that I will be using this software because we had InDesign last year for our magazines. Therefore, it is different from the other one so it won`t be very easy  to work with this type of software.

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