The increasing development of new media technologies has helped largely in the media industry.For example digital cameras being now you are able to preview the footage and stock much more information than you were 25 years ago.  The development of the Adobe CS Suite has helped me personally when constructing my music magazine as part of my media studies course. I used Adobe Photoshop to edit photos and I used Adobe InDesign which helped with the layout when constructing my front cover, contents page and articles in my music magazine.I also used Adobe Premier Pro to edit my music video:cut unwanted footage,edit and balance colours,put the scenes in the order I wanted,etc. The internet is a very quick source of finding relevent information helping with research into the subject area that is needed for you. For me this has helped with research into music artists and relevent information for my articles in my music magazine and with finding lots of other front covers of magazines from a similar genre to help me with ideas for my own front cover layouts

clik here for media technology  development presentation !

Please check the prezi is very interesting 😀


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