Locations planning

The locations required for shooting the music video

The locations/sets of filming are an important part of any successful music video because, combined with the appropriate props and costumes they set and transmit the message the artists conveys through his music.

1.My house12887558_1007376092678479_1910030621_o-I used this location because it is very accessible and we don’t have to worry about the bad weather or to obtain permission to film. As I wanted to express the need of privacy and discretion, I used a private property to show that the couple feels the best when they are left alone.

A potential problem that might occur is bad lighting as my house in situated in such a way that sun almost never shines. I will try and solve this problem using an artificial source of light such as flash.

2.Stanmore lakeDSC_0108.JPG-I will use this location with the same reason as the previous one, because I want to express that the artists popularity becomes a threatening for their relationship and because they want to enjoy they love alone they choose private spots and they kind of isolate themselves.

The view is also calming and it doesn’t require permit to film as it was a public area but no one was there. I also chose places that aren’t very populated because it`s easier for the actors to lip sync and act in front of the camera.

A problem that I might encounter is that because is November it will be quite cold and we have specific clothes that we need to wear so when you are cold it`s more difficult to act. Another problem is that it gets dark by 4 and it`s very difficult to go before 4 as we are in College. Also we can`t control the weather, it might rain. What we could do is find a weekend where both of us are free (quite difficult because of work) and check the weather beforehand. In terms of the low temperatures we will have a car and hot drinks near in case we are too cold we will get in the car for a break and then continue.

  1. Brent Cross car parkingdec2010-jan2011-041.jpgDSC_0021.JPG– I choose to film in the car parking as I wanted to look like my male artist is assaulted by the paparazzi whenever he goes in public places. This is the appropriate location to film such a scene, in my opinion, as I have seen car parks being used in similar circumstances in other music videos or movies.

A problem we might encounter is a crowded car park. As the cast it isn’t professional they might not act at their best performance due to people looking. To avoid this situation we will go just before the shopping centre closes. Because it’s a closed parking we will again have problems with lighting but we will try to diminish it by using flash light.

  1. Car12721738_1002967969785958_547343536_n12834532_1002967939785961_940847827_n-I will film a car scene as I want to follow a story line and showing how good the couple feels when they are alone in the car and how quick this atmosphere can be altered by the presence of the paparazzi will create an interesting story and also will show to the public the bad parts of being a celebrity. I also wanted to create a link between the lyrics ‘let`s make out in this Lexus’ and the location-the car. A problem that we will confront with is finding a Lexus car/owner that allows us to use it.In case we don’t find any car, we have my friend`s car. Also it will be very difficult to get the right angle using a tripod. To solve that I watched various tutorials on YouTube and I will be using a pillow filled with sand, however it won`t look as professional as I would want to.

5.Shisha bar-

filename-shisha-138-jpg I chose to film here because I wanted to have few scenes that shows their relationship is not a conservational one, on the contrary they have a lot of fun and they don`t care what people think about them. They are eccentric, young and free.

I wanted to portray them as rebels and therefore we need like a ‘sin place’. A problem is that the place is private and we will have to ask for permission as well as find a time when it isn’t busy so we can avoid people on the background or accidentally film someone that didn’t give their consent. In order to film we will have to make some consumption. We don’t have any budget so we will have to fund ourselves. I will talk to the crew to see if they agree. If not I will have to pay.


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