Digipak analysis

The importance of analysing digipaks is  that we gain knowledge about the way in which digipaks are constructed,designed and consumed therefore when we have to make our own product is much easier and we do it in a more professional manner.If digipaks are well constructed and designed your product is going to attract the audience and they will buy it.

Analysis 1.  CLICK on to check my digipak analysis on Rihanna`s album loud

I have chosen to analyse this digipak  because my music video is of her song and her songs are mainly pop which could give me some ideas on what should I include in my digipak. She is mainly aiming at younger audience which is the same as our target audience.

Analysis 2.

I analysed this digipak as I wanted to be able to make a comparison between pop digipaks and to see what are the codes and coventions of the genre when it comes to produce a digipak.I chosed Beyonce because she has,in my opinion , equal success in terms of music as Rihanna and both have been in the music industry for a relatively long period of time.



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