Ex student advert analysis

I have chosen to analyse this magazine advert from one of the ex student I seen on study space. This will give me help me on what we could and could not include on our music advert. 
The use of the same image, simple fonts, red and black colour from their digipak are effective as it makes it easier for us to identify what the poster is about. Their main colour scheme is red and black; this is evident through the colour of the fonts they have used, the logo and the stars at the top left corner. It also implies that she is targeting at goth and emo people because these are the colours that we stereotypically see on them. The use of red as their colour scheme grabs the audience’s attention. It also connotes as danger, blood or romance which reflects to the theme on their music video. The use of framing the artist on the wood makes the audience feel that she is in prison and she can’t get out of the lonely place.  I like how they used the lighting on the main artist because it makes you focus at her and also it creates the black edges which makes you feel the situation she is in. Black also portrays how the female artist’s life is dull and it links back to the album title “My Happy Ending”. The use of high angle siginifies that she is asking for someone to help her on how to get out of the dim place. The use of ratings from one of the well known music magazines in UK and one of the quotes is really good as it causes the audience to buy their product. The font they have used within the magazine advert is simple which lets the audience to read the texts easily. They have used capital letters on the album title, artists’ name and the release date which makes it stands out from any other texts and these are the important things that the audience wants to know. The website placed at the bottom right corner on the page and the use of red makes the texts makes it easier to see what they have written on it. They have placed the logo at the bottom left corner because it is not that important but it is also what we normally see in a magazine advert.
Overall, I like how they have composed their magazine advert as it stands out and it reminds you from the music video and their digipak. The use of rope on the wood and around the artist neck is very effective because it establishes the type of character she is. They also picked the right colours as it matches the theme and genre of their magazine advert.
What i dont like is the quality and over exposure (burned space) on the imagies.I also feel like they could`ve used another image for the advert as it isn`t a clear distinction between those two.

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