Michael Jackson-Thriller music video analysis

I apologize for the blank space between the  text.I know it shouldnt be there but I did the analysis in word press and I cant post a word document so I coverted the file into JPG and that`s the only way in which it allows me to arrange the pictures,with that space between them.5270f208c763c456-05270f208c763c456-15270f208c763c456-25270f208c763c456-45270f208c763c456-35270f208c763c456-55270f208c763c456-65270f208c763c456-75270f208c763c456-85270f208c763c456-95270f208c763c456-105270f208c763c456-115270f208c763c456-125270f208c763c456-135270f208c763c456-145270f208c763c456-155270f208c763c456-165270f208c763c456-175270f208c763c456-185270f208c763c456-195270f208c763c456-205270f208c763c456-215270f208c763c456-225270f208c763c456-235270f208c763c456-245270f208c763c456-25

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