Song title: Ain’t nobody business

Production company : Diana media pro

Director: Andrada Diana Bacrau

Contact email :



General concept:  My music video will be a narrative-performance based  video which will show the love story of two teenagers.The general feel of the music video will fit with the lyrics of the song .The lyrics of the song includes elements of romance,affection and a strong connection  between the women and the man ,therefore I will include visual elements in my own music video that will represent and show these emotions to the target audience.As the song is in the pop genre , I will also be including conventions of pop music videos such asdance moves, bright editing to show the good things in life and designer clothes. The setting will be usually places couples go to when they want intimacy such as their apartment ,secret spots that the couple use as a get away from the public`s eye.


The peformers I choosed are a young male (20 years old) and female (19 years old) who are going to lipsync and also play the role of a couple definned as strong,real, energetic ,rebel and non-conformist .The performers have experience in acting as they performed previously on stage at Willesden Theatre as well as following a BTEC Level1 drama course. I think they are going to be suitable artists for my music video as they are very enthusiastic and put passion when performing which makesthe story feel more real and transmits emotions to the target audience.Apart from the couple I intend to film an older man ,which at first sight might not be related at all with the theme or the story the audience is expecting to see(from the title of the song ”ain’t nobody’s business”  people would expect maybe controversy/rebel atitude). I will introduce this element to create a sense of mystery and curiosity ,so the audience will engage more to see the ”denouement” of the narrative.




The song we are making the video for is a remix of the song called ”Ain’t nobody bussiness” interpreted by Rihanna in collaboration with Chris Brown on the album named ”Unapologetic” released in 2012.Rihanna’s music is usually categorised as pop/hip-hop .This type of music is particulary popular among teenagers and young adults(15-25)This genre is often associated with designer stylish outfits and unique costumes and accesories that stand aut,bright lighting and happy mood.

My music video

Running time: 3:36

Artist&song name : Rihanna ft. Chris Brown-Ain’t nobody’s business

 General style of music video:

Andrew Goodwin – I will follow these points of Andrew Goodwins theories:

  1. There is a relationship between the lyrics and the visuals (with the visuals illustrating, amplifying or contradicting the music.
  2. There is a relationship between the music and the visual (with the visuals illustrating, amplifying or contradicting the music). As the music bounces between positive and negative itself due to key there will be a link.
  3. The artist may develop their own star iconography, in and out of their videos, which, over time, becomes part of their star image.

Joan Lynch (1984) – I will mostly be using her theory of having a narrative, although not the typical progression of any huge events as I wish to play on the emotions of the viewer . I don’t want to use high levels of performance due to how the lip sync video turned out but I am open to maybe some performance being involved in the background such as a dancing only in a short amount of the video, almost like a brief intertextual reference.

As my video will relate to the music and lyrics this means that my video won’t be conceptual. Jon Gow (1992) – I will conform to these following Gow theories:

  1. Videos which do not contain performance of the song. Although I am currently undecided on whether to have a brief part of the video with performance in.

My intention is to film at various locations across London and to using narrative to show the audience a juvenile but strong love story based on trust.In my music video I am going to try to portray a highly desired,ideal form of relationship as my target audience are predominantly younger females who dream to find their ”prince charming”.I choosed to have a heterosexual couple which might be considered homofobic and stereotypical as the mainstream idea of a perfect couple is usually portreyed by couples formed by a men and women.The couple is  young aged which is appealing to the target audience as they start to admire their relationship , then they identify with it(want to have a relationship/life like that) and then they start idolizing the performers.The music video is going to capture the couple’s intimate moments during the relationship (how they spend their time ) and as well how the relation is starting to deterioariate day by day . I want to have the start shot that same as the end shot and for them end where everything begun to highlight the continuous vicious cyrcle of life(sometimes even though you feel you evoluated a lot because of a certain event/circumstances you end up realising nothing really changed after those circumstances fade and you are at the same point you started.

Although in the beggining it might look like I want to achive for my protagonists the status of idol by the end of the video I am actually ilustrating that perfection doesn’t exist, that each couple has problems and it’s either you choose to work them out and fight for your love or you chose to give up . I am trying to highlight the importance of decisions in life and as well the fact that you never know what’s going to be the outcome( choosing to give up and then regreting all your life or finding someone better ,so many patherns ) . By the end of the video , I will be looking for give a life advice to the audience and show them that not many things are the way they seem to be at first sight .


In my music video I am going to be useing the lighting to emphasis  certain moods and emotions.For example, key lighting being used to emphasises the black and white shots and shots to show different emotions in the video story such as melacoly sadness or when the artist remembers his love.I will use little light to show the artists regret of losing the love of his life.The ligthing in videos help emphasise the artist and ensures they are the centre of attention in the video.I am going to use the lighting to make the artists more desirable.

Recording equipment

I am going to use a Canon camera and a tripod to record my music video.

Location ,styling ,props

The video will be recorded in various locations such as an apartment(master bedroom) , Brent Cross Shopping Centre parching space, in a car,by a lake(in the woods) ,and next to a Church.


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