The final questionnaire



1.How old are you?

15-17      18-21     22-25     26-28      28+

2.What gender are you?

  1. a) Male b) Female

3.What is your occupation ?

  1. a) Student b)Full-time job c)Part-time job    d)Unemployed

3.What genre of music do you listen to the most?

a)Pop        b)Hip-hop    c) RnB    d) Rock    e)Classic    f) Other

4.What typical features do you expect to see in a pop music video ? (up to 3 choices)

a)Fashionable clothes,stylish artist        b)Love/ relationship theme related

c)vibrant,bright colours                           e)Young beauty faces

d)Dancing pop group on background   f)A popular location/party ambiance

g)Highly sexualised male/women(revealing clothes,seductive moves)

5.What type of music video do you prefer?

  1. a) Narrative based b)Performance based          c)Abstract        d)Combination of any 2 (please name)

6.Where do you usually go to view music videos?

  1. a) TV programme b)YouTube c)iTunes     d)I dont watch music videos

7.What to do you think is the most important when you listen to music?

  1. a) lyrics b)video  c)both             d)other ..……write…here………….
  2. In your opinion, what makes a music video interesting?

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